The problems of investing:

High entry barriers to stock markets.

Regular humans don’t trade because it is difficult, expensive, requires a plan and discipline and takes up too much time.

Excessive amount of info to process in order to make a decision.

Bad trading experiences caused by lack of understanding of the markets, expensive trial and error learning, false expectations, and low risk tolerance.

Investing problems
Goonder AI

The Solution:

Me, Goonder: a powerful, brilliant and immodest algorithm, customized to deliver short-term opportunities according to your profile.

Visual simplicity and social media capabilities.

Express link with your broker account.


The app

Watch this demo video to
preview my UI and features

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Friendly onboarding

The action starts from the beginning! That means no annoying forms to get you started: I’ll just guide you through some fun slides to get you on board.

precise profiling

You can choose between 6 predefined investor profiles the one that matches your amazing personality, or just customize it yourself with a few easy questions.

tailor-made opportunities

I’ll pitch every day the perfect set of opportunities for you. You just have to slide’em left or right to decline or accept. Goonder style!

easy ticketing

Just tell me the amount you want to invest today, and I’ll do the rest. I’m much better than you at math. Ok, ok, let’s just say faster.


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